Dr Noeen Malik

International Peace Ambassador for CANADA and USA

Dr Noeen Malik

Dr Noeen Malik is a nuclear medicine scientist (expertise: drug discovery and PET/CT imaging); a published author (The PET Method: Tracer Principle, Radiochemistry and Medical Applications); a business strategist (theragnostics), former Executive Director of Public Affairs at GIANT (Global Immunization Action Networking Team; with WHO-UN), California, and a Research Scientist in MIPS at Stanford School of Medicine.

Recently, she founded a small pharma-consultancy firm, Scientudio Inc. (Global Corridor for Exploring Healthcare Business). Scientudio launched a hands-on business internship program (HBI: Global Healthcare Business Internship) designed to impart to students and early-career phase scientists the relevant skills-set to thrive in the industrial sector. As an executive director of public affairs and infrastructure committee member of GIANT, she works together with WHO/UN in collaboration with 20 countries globally to bring awareness about immunization/vaccines.

The volunteer work she does include human rights activism (Amnesty International, IRC (International rescue committee), and IYC-UN)) and fundraising (SOS Children’s Village). Besides, her philanthropy venture, “Endorse Hope“, focuses especially on under-developed countries to support their efforts in building up their internal capacity. She is also a cartoonist (Science Myths Playing Deck: Concept and artwork), science illustrator & communicator.

Being a scientist, her duties revolve around managing bench work to preclinical evaluations to cGMP production of clinical radiopharmaceuticals to facilitate the commercialization of innovations. In her spare time, she loves photography, cartooning, hiking, and kayaking.

Phone: +256774115594

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