Nick Bell

Vice Chairperson

Nick Bell

Nick Bell Nick first became involved with the Rotary International family in 1978 when he joined Rotaract and moved through being President and then District Representative in the mid-1980s. He then Joined Winchester Rotary in 1986. Nick became President of Rotary Winchester in 2013/14.

In the meantime, he has been Chairman of the Club’s International Committee on a couple of occasions for 4 or 5 years each time -and it is an area that very much interests him. Nick has also been involved in supporting through Rotary the PeaceJam Institute which was set up at Winchester University in 2014.

Nick later became a keen supporter of the Education Uganda Project which a senior member of Rotary Winchester started in Kasese around 2011 and as a consequence of that, he met Faruku Kibaba and became involved in GLPC work, traveling to Uganda in October 2019 for the Annual Rwenzori Peace Conference.


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