Sustainable, Clean Renewable Energy Program

GLPC is so passionate about promoting the use of Sustainable, Clean and Renewable energy sources. This is in line with SDGs 13- Climate Action and 7 Affordable Renewable Energy. In one of its programs, GLPC is handling a sub grant from WWF through Kiima Foods. The project runs on a revolving fund i.e. the funds from sales are re injected back into the venture to sustain the project.

The grant is mainly in form of the assets/items offered to the organization. The project involves extending improved clean cook stoves and solar systems to the local communities. Products are normally sold on a loan system; loans payable not exceeding 6 months period. Cash sales too are welcome.

The mode of operation is through Contacting agents/ Community Groupings. This is a safer option due to the loan recovery effects. These groups market the products to their members and surrounding communities. A commission is given out whenever sales are made.

Numerous benefits have been realized from this intervention. Increased usage of improved cook stoves and solar systems and reduced degradation and Improved livelihoods among others.
A few challenges too have been met for Transportation of materials to hard to reach areas and Loan Recovery challenges.

Community outreach on use of clean energy resources in Rugendabara Kasese District