Peace Jam Uganda

Peace Jam Uganda

Peace Jam Uganda

Great lakes Peace Center is the official PeaceJam Chapter for Uganda. Nobel Peace Prize Winners Mentoring Youth to Change the World

Program Goal

To raise a new generation of leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities and the world through the inspiration of Nobel Peace Laureates.

  1. 14 Nobel Peace Laureates pass on the spirit, skills, and wisdom they embody through mentorships to students and other Youth annually.
  2. To support several community-based projects implemented directly by PeaceJamers (Students) inspired and trained by the program annually.
  3. To Carryout 4 categories of training that are concluded by an annual conference of inspiration and showcase at the University.

The program is a national program and shall run its one-day non-residential training mainly at Makerere University and allow the implementation of PeaceJamers’ (Students’) peace projects all over Uganda by providing administrative support to the projects to meet their set targets.

Being part of the international network of PeaceJam actors. GLPC shall solicit scholarships from various partners worldwide already supporting PeaceJam elsewhere to sponsor local PeaceJamers/ students to attend the Pan African Peace conferences and other international events. This will be on an annual basis.

Uganda has experienced episodes of instabilities and conflict both from her neighbors and with herself locally. A good account of this is illustrated by our history between 1965 to date.

Aware that young people form a very big number but more so very influential in decision making given their access and activeness in the modern technological trends, being susceptible to radicalization and extreme violence, the Peace-Jam program provides the answer to creating platforms of discussion and dialogue leaving violence at the extreme end – never to happen.

More so, Makerere University Peace Center provides a unique space to cascade the program to further influence the behavioral change capacity of students at universities and high schools countrywide.


Award-Winning Education Program & Conferences

Peace-Jam is an international, year-long training program that empowers students to apply their knowledge in the real world, as they study international issues connected to the work of 14 Nobel Peace Laureates, and address the root cause of local and global problems through service-learning projects in their own communities. The Nobel Peace Laureates will personally mentor youth during the annual PeaceJam leadership conference hosted at Makerere University. A Nobel Prize supported conference will be sponsored once the PeaceJam country chapter has strengthened and been able to carry out two or more mini-conferences (0ne day PeaceJam Slam conference).

One Billion Acts of Peace

With an ambitious goal of inspiring one billion acts of service and peace by the year 2025, the Nobel Laureates of Peace-Jam have committed to work side by side with local communities around the world as they address ten fundamental challenges facing humanity, such as ending racism and hate, alleviating extreme poverty, creating environmental sustainability, and securing rights for women and girls. The One Billion Acts of Peace Campaign has been nominated eight times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel Legacy Film Series

Peace-Jam has developed a series of films highlighting the cutting edge work being done by our member Nobel Peace Laureates as they strive to create a better future for all of humanity. These films capture the lifelong legacy of the Laureates, and distribution for each film is worldwide. The entire series has become a permanent part of the Peace-Jam curriculum, and a new film premieres at the Monte Carlo TV and Film Festival every June. At Makerere University we will be premiering these film series.