Great Lakes Peace Centre hepatitis activities

Great Lakes Peace Centre hepatitis activities

Great Lakes Peace Centre hepatitis activities

We continue to work with local, national, regions, and international who have an interest in the elimination of viral hepatitis We drive our mandate from SDG 17 partnerships and collaborations.

Creating awareness

We started observing world hepatitis day since 2015,2016,2017,2018….,.. Every year join the rest of the globe to commemorate world hepatitis day, we use it to amplify the profile of hepatitis in western rural DIstrict, the nation, and beyond via our robust show media platforms. Most people are still ignorant about hepatitis thinking it’s caused by witchcraft and rudimentary Africa monster, we champion efforts in schools, worship place, markets, burials places, and cultural places this is to ensure with break the stigma, reduce barriers to seek a diagnosis. Inform masses about the dangers associated with hepatitis and informing them to seek early medical services.

Phylogeny-social support program

We have always interacted with community members diagnosed with hepatitis B .cases of sexual gender-based violence, termination of employment contract, witchcraft accusations, and also discrimination. This should not happen, we believe we should have universal health care coverage nobody should be left behind. We strive to use our experience staffs with medical background help us a lot in this endeavor to inform, educate and communicate to families, homes, and communities in the rural western(RWENZORI REGION) Uganda faced with these bottlenecks.

Community medical outreaches

Raising awareness creates demand for screening and testing for hepatitis b services We have been carrying out community outreach with the aim of finding the missing millions especially rural Uganda population who are undiagnosed with hepatitis b and linking them to health service delivery points. We have done this in markets, worship places schools, and corporate companies. Some schools have integrated this in their medical services


We have been at the forefront of the advocacy efforts with meaning engagement with stakeholders lower local government, health sub-district, district health office, regional health administration, and ministry of health. Our focus is to continue to join our other CSO’s to ensure more funds are available towards community mobilization and scaling testing to rural communities and linking the diagnosed into care