Social Development & Peacebuilding

Peace Jam Uganda Project

Great lakes Peace Center is the official PeaceJam Chapter for Uganda. Nobel Peace Prize Winners Mentoring Youth to Change the World. The Program Goal is to raise a new generation of leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities, and the world through the inspiration of Nobel Peace Laureates.

Environment and Renewable Energy

Great lakes Peace Center supports the SDGs for climate action (goal Number 13) and renewable energy (Goal number 7). We work with schools and prison farms since research shows that they are the biggest consumers of fuel wood in Uganda. We ask them to pattern with us in planting as many trees as possible because in future they shall be the same people to use them for their own consumption.

GLPC education projects

Great Lakes Peace Center with her partners are conducting an Education project where we help to facilitate the vulnerable pupils to obtain the necessary education for their future. We are implementing an education project where we support 24 less privileged children to keep in school. This has got support from our friends from in the local community of Kasese and elsewhere like Winchester Rotary due to our connection.

Culture for peace project

As a result of a long history of conflict and violence in Kasese district caused by economic and cultural injustices that were practiced by previous governments’ management and jurisdiction on the issues of land distribution to the majority tribes in the district (Bakonzo and Basongora). Bakonzo is cultivators and Basongora are Pastrolists which makes these communities different in lifestyle but also competes for the natural resources available.