March 2022 Newsletter – Great Lakes Peace Center

March 2022 Newsletter – Great Lakes Peace Center

March 2022 Newsletter – Great Lakes Peace Center

A Veterinary Officer treating one of the goats in the Spirit in Action Project

Spirit in Action Project

We have started implementing a project funded by Spirit in Action to mitigate the economic effects of climate-induced disasters in Kilembe, Kasese, Uganda. This area has been hit by recurring river floods that have caused the destruction of lives and property. The recurring climate change-induced disasters have led to a lowering in the livelihood of the local population.

Beneficiaries of the Spirit in Action Project undergoing training on goat and chicken rearing at Bulembia Division Offices. The training was conducted by GLPC.

This project has trained 25 families in goat and chicken rearing. Upon training completion, each family has been given a goat and three chickens to rear on a rotation basis. They shall be required to return one goat after their goat gives birth so that the new goat can be passed on to other equally needy families. This rotation sharing strategy is a sustainable way to ensure that more families benefit from the project over the years.

Goats in their temporary structure before they were distributed to their beneficiary families.

“Let’s put the training received today into practice for the success of this project and to ensure its sustainability.”

Farkuku Maathe, the Project’s Focal Person and Executive Director of GLPC, said in the training of beneficiary families at Bulembia Dvision offices.
L-R Faruku and Afan, the GLPC contact personnel for this project in the community.