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Our Work.

Peace Promotion and Tolerance

Globally, the question of peaceful resolution of a conflict has remained un answered as it is always violence first then peace and reconciliation is thought of after the damage in the wake of violence. The Great Lakes Peace Center appreciates this as a major driverabsence of peaceful coexistence; tolerance, equality, and respect for human rights of people. We advocate for fairness, justice and global understanding as we will engage youth in school and other juvenile youth out of school to change their mind set and promote peace byemphasizing tolerance, respect for the human rights, fairness, justice and global understanding. 

Advocacy, Peace Building, Conflict Prevention and Education

Using the pillars of peace curriculum designed to stimulate youths� and adult critical thinking skills, strengthening their international knowledge and broaden their research skills, increase their conflict resolution and leadership skills, and create community based action plans for local solutions to conflict. This same module ensure that we rise a brand of youth leaders ready to serve as peace ambassadors and peer mentors so as to yield a brand of people with an urge for peace and harmonious coexistence. We will also in the same vain inflict advocacy skills to hold leaders responsible on issues of corruption, equitable distribution of resources and good governance so as to address the root causes of the most pressing issues facing their communities. 

Inspiration: Nobel Peace Laureates Meeting the Youth

We are striving to work with the PeaceJam Foundation to avail Nobel Peace Laureates-most of whom went through a lot of challenges. Each Laureate�s choice to stand up against negative forces and to solve problems in their own countries through nonviolence serves as inspiration for youth as they work to address the issues they are most passionate about. Youth analyze the skills, knowledge, and attributes that allowed the Laureates to be successful in their work. Youth also explore their own beliefs, actions, and choices and how to put their talents, skills, and passion to work for positive change. 

Youth and Women Empowerment Activities & Community Programs.

The peace center will design a leadership program targeting community youth groups, special needs groups and women focus on conflict management, peace building, and reconciliation to build networks of support within the community that empowers and enable young people to take action and make a change. Youth will explore issues that relates to political violence, tribal conflicts and develop leadership skills to implement their own Global Call to Action Projects and other local programs within their respective communities. 

Charitable Activities & Social Aid .

Great Lakes Peace Center (GLPC) is already availing relief items to people affected by disasters such as floods, the needy and the vulnerable in society by sourcing and collecting relief items and dispensing them to the disadvantaged and afflicted. GLPC draw up a sustainable program of intervention to promote the well-being of internally externally displaced persons especially children. We also donate to orphanage homes. GLPC will collaborate with organizations dealing directly with relief to support communities in times of need.


Our strategies.

Policy advocacy targeting decision makers to ensure better policies to fast track conflict resolution. Research, mappings and surveys to enrich our information and then we use the same to advocate. Public talks from renowned peace scholars, Researches and Nobel Laurents in higher institutions of learning and targeting Juvenile youth. Support Local governments and other stakeholders to integrate and mainstream Peacebuilding programs in there development plans. It shouls be noted that the Great Lakes Peace Center's theory of change dentes that; as more Youth are successively empowered to find employment, creat their own jobs and provide employment to their fellow youth, tendencies of Young people involving in violence will reduce as they have a stake in their own community. Youth will tend to align themselves to programs ensuring non violent methords of solving confict in a way of safe garding their interests in community (Business/employment).


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