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Executive Director.

Faruku Kibaba grew up in Uganda, in Kasese district a community where aggression, tribalism, corruption and social economic injustices are part of his daily routines. He witnessed different acts of violence, child abuse, injustices against women and including inter tribble conflict. These experiences of hostility and injustice in his community led him to work with various initiatives to avert the crisis that has spanned for decades. This situation have affected youth since they are always at the frontline of all conflicts since they are easily manipulated due to the high unemployment levels. The Rotaract and Rotary Clubs of Kasese provided me an opportunity of being part of an international diplomatic path to solve local and national level conflicts and realization of peace and stability in my country Uganda. Faruku Kibaba participated in Pillars of Peace training and mentorship workshops in Uganda by the Institute of Economics and Peace and International Peace and Security Institute where he acquired skills in peace building, mediation and reconciliation. His long service in Rotary from Kasese Uganda has exposed him to different avenues of promoting international understanding and good will. Professionally, Faruku holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics majoring in Economic Policy Planning from Makerere University. He also has a Post graduate diploma n Project Planning and Managementcoupled with experimental background in Conflict areas and resettlement procedures from his home communities. 
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International Service Director.

Luke Studied English and Drama at the University of Winchester; the Drama developed into Drama-teaching and he was teaching skills such as personal development, confidence, self-esteem and Peace studies to various age ranges and abilities from very young to vulnerable adults to the elderly. 
Luke helped to start the first Winchester Rotaract Club and they ran many projects from homelessness to elderly work to education, after several years Luke was then voted as Chair of UK Rotaract for the 17/18 year.
Rotary led his introduction to PeaceJam ( - an international peace organisation which works with the Nobel peace prize laureates and young people. 
He attended a conference with Desmond Tutu and mentored 20 young people over a weekend, Luke was so impressed by the conference that he brought the idea back to Winchester and founded a PeaceJam Winchester within the University- ( 
They have now held four big conferences, one with Jody Williams; first conference by Luke and then 2016 with Rigoberta Menchu Tum; Second Confrence by Luke, last year was Leymeh Gbowee and then just in March 2018 they had Yemeni Laureate Tawakkol Karman. 
Luke first came to Uganda in 2014, on a Winchester Rotarian's visit with the Education Uganda team, here he met the Rotaract Club of Kasese and a great friendship was formed!" 



Special Projects Director.

Afan Abdallah is a Ugandan born in the westeren part of Uganda. He grew up in the Rwenzori sub region which is faced by a seeries of political, social, and war instabilities which have left the people in this region with a little but to say no peace. Its these instabilities that drives him to champion the peace ambassadorship in this Region. Afan is abusiness man in kasese district. A member of the rotaract club of kasese who has served in different capacities. He is a past president and currently serving as the Assistant District Rotaract Representative for D9211 - Tanzania and Uganda. He is one of the awardees of the Rotary Youth Leadership award in 2014, Kigali Rwanda. Afan is one of the trained members of the Rotaract club of kasese in the Pillars of Peace and Positive peace by the Institute of Economics and Peace in 2016.
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Capacity Building and Trainings Director.

Bwambale Arafat is a Ugandan by nationality and a medical practitioner. 
Arafat has served as president at Rotaract club of kasese including different assignments and duties in the Rotary fraternity notably as a health team leader. 
Arafat championed and worked with Peace project at the Rotaract club of kasese.
He is currently working with BWERA general hospital serving as an assistant physician. 
Arafat is apeace ambassador kasese chapter.
He serves as a director of infrastructure and ICT at independent pan-African youth development IPAYP. 
It's this pan-African spirit that derives him to spend his last atom of energy to promote peace. 
"Peace is the very vital item that all must transact in the most reverend states man says":

There is no way to peace!

Peace is the way

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Fundraising and Partnerships Director.

Isabelle Charles is the Development and Partnerships Officer at the Great Lakes Peace Center. She hails from the state of California in the United States. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in International Relations with a focus on global health and health promotion. During her studies, she worked on nutrition projects with low-income communities in Northern California and on social development projects with CSEC victims in the Chiang Rai area of Thailand. Following university, she worked with the American Red Cross as Coordinator of International Services and Service to the Armed Forces, where she coordinated and ran advocacy and education campaigns on international humanitarian law and the rules of armed conflict. She was brought to Kasese through the Global Health Corps Fellowship, where she now works with grassroots CBOs and NGOs to strengthen their capacity in public health communications and advocacy. She is also an active member of the Rotaract Club of Kasese.



Communications and Documentation Director.

Nakabuye Sheila is a media personel working in rural communities of Uganda to rise Citizen voices with an aim of advocating and aplifying the scial needs in the underserved communities of Rwenzori region. Sheila has served as a volunteer in numerous organizations such as Rotaract where she was a Charter/ founding president of a local Rotaract club in Ibanda, Uganda. She works with Next Media Group in Uganda and a corespondent of several local radios and civil society activism groups in her area. 



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