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Our Background

The great lakes region has been a hub of violent conflict over the years, all countries in the region have gone through a political unrest and/or civil wars and some are currently ongoing. Uganda is one of the hard hit both directly and indirectly by civil conflict, war, and internal civil conflicts notably the Lord’s Resistance Army, Allied Democratic Forces, NALU and many others. Kasese, Kabarole and the Rwenzori region being at the center of conflict due to the Congo boarder, GLPC comes in handy to build an enabling environment for Positive Peace starting with the Rwenzori region growing to the entire Great Lakes region. 

An astonishing amount of over $300 billion has been spent on wars and violence in Africa alone over the past 15 years (Uganda $1.7 billion, Burundi $5.7 billion, Rwanda $8.4 billion, and Democratic Republic of Congo $18 billion).
A similar amount was also spent on humanitarian support to people affected by conflict and wars. The conflicts also destroyed decades of development efforts and prevented further development thus exaggerating the humanitarian situation and poverty. 

GLPC is to be the official Uganda Chapter of PeaceJam (USA), which is an international education program that connects youth with Nobel Peace Laureates with the goal of creating a generation of young people committed to positive change in themselves, their communities, and the world. 

As the Great Lakes Peace Center we assess and acknowledge the underlying causes of the conflicts in the region and try to abet a similar reoccurrence in future. And this will only be possible by our collaborative efforts with regional governments, local people trapped in conflict and those affected, and different civil society organizations. 

The aims and objectives of the GLPC are:


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