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George William Wilobo.

George William Wilobo is an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that he undertake or situation that is presented with. As a graduate of B.Sc. Biology and Diploma in Agribusiness Management with five years’ of experience in Manufacturing and Agribusiness Management, He is excellent in working with others to achieve a certain objective on time and with excellence. George has worked as project Coordinator for Kyempara Farmers' Cooperative Society, Friends of Hope Foundation Uganda, Bwera Charity Project Uganda and many other Human Rights Organization "My Objective is to gain more experience that will shape my career and a position giving responsibility, flexibility and new challenges in which to exercise skills that I embrace".



Johnson Sowu From Ghana.

Am a system administrator by profession and youth advocate in skill development, a vocational trainer,social entrepreneurship,entrepreneurship coach,Talent management,My passion is leadership,am not a manager. work as a facilitator & volunteer for Eastern Hills projects in Ghana (poverty alleviation & peaceful living,providing good drinking water & educating on modern day slavery (currently doing Apprenticeship as Assistant program Director in empowering resettled refugees and helping them with skills,Reconciliation & Reintegration into society) Empowering, mentoring and transforming families and communities.HopePrint Ambassador Ghana & a volunteer for Great Lakes Peace center,a representative in Ghana



Natasha Gazvoda from Argentina.

Natasha Gazvoda. Student of Social Communication, Buenos Aires University. English Teacher. Rotaract Club of Berazategui President 2016/7 4905 District. Interests: culture, diversity, development, media, politics, Latinamerica. 



Gerald Katabazi From Uganda.

Gerald Katabazi is the Founder of Volcano Coffee Limited a specialty Coffee brand with interests in brewing behaviors, Roastery, Green premium coffee trading and human capital skills developments along the coffee value chain developments in Uganda. 
Before that Gerald Katabazi worked as the Production Manager at Bourbon Coffee Sarl Rwanda a coffee retail stores, My Space Coffee shop South Sudan Juba as a supply chain manager, Kangaroo Hotel Bujumbura, Nile Village Hotel Jinja Own falls Uganda, Serena Group of hotels East Africa region, Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, as a nutrition production manager, Moved on and worked at Commodity Production and Marketing Activity (CPMA) Contractor A Feed The Future USAID food security program in sub-Saharan region ,has 12 years of strategic planning, Produce marketing ,Nutrition based science product innovations e.g. infant growth healthy units from 0-6 months solutions and growth stage, senior management experiences across business developments with a lot of wealthy in coffee value addition and social entrepreneurship.
His work experience has spanned across East and South Africa, USA, Euro-Asia collaborations, and already in contacts with the largest food chain stores Wal-Mart USA-AFRICA to begin vending coffee as a finished supplies from Africa for the US market. Gerald Katabazi is a Mandela –Washington 2017 Clark Atlanta University Social Business and Entrepreneurship Fellow, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (F-A-O) Youth National Champion. 
Voted Youngest Agri-business entrepreneur 2013 in Kigali Rwanda 1st position at Forum for Agriculture and Research in Africa (F-A-R-A) Dinner Gala. And is also member of the Pan-Africa Youth Parliament (I-P-A-Y-P) a pan Africanist Youth-lead organization as a Global Director of Rural Economy and Agriculture, Founder member at Young Farmers Coalition of Uganda (YOFACO) as a Finance Director and Interim Executive Director at Authentic Coffee Roasters Society-Uganda (A-C-R-S-U) born in Kyalanga, Karusandara Sub-county Kasese District. 


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